Is a directory cannot remove

Then, shutdown Confluence and run the following commands in the Confluence database: Run this query to identify the directory id of the directory you are trying to remove:

X Unable to remove machine directory: remove C:\Users\Csongor Halmai\.minikube\machines\minikube\minikube\Snapshots\0113C205-19E6-4E44-9903-D0AA9C750A39.vmcx: The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process.

How we can do it? But there are situations such as server crash or failure of dcpromo option which will lead to manually remove the DC from the system (event of even recovery, repair option doesn’t work).

Thanks, Anna In active directory infrastructure, if you need to remove a DC server the proper way is to run DCPROMO and remove it. I've been trying to remove a folder, but a file residing within this folder is not allowing me to. lets say for example, i am trying to detele a directory called install and in this directory, i have some file, so to remove the whole thing just run this command: rm -rf install thats it, hope this helps you. Our second quick and short tutorial. i appreciate all your comments First, navigate to Confluence Admin >> User Directories and move the directory that you want to remove to the bottom of the directory list. File Transfer failed, reason: Cannot remove directory By Magicmann on 28 Jan 2013 at 02:59 UTC I've tried updating modules together, individually, with certain ones disabled, all to no avail. The option is to clean up the server metadata. $ chmod -R 777 asdf/ $ rm -rf asdf/ $ rm: cannot remove directory `asdf/': File exists Usually there is a file like .nfs234B inside the directory than can be displayed with ls -la Like most other basic commands, these will work on most Linux-based distros, including CentOS and Ubuntu.The most common usage is on cloud servers.. Generally, you’ll use the “rm” command to remove files and directories in Linux.

Before, we showed you how to rename a file in Linux.Now we’re going to show you how to remove a directory in Linux. rm: cannot remove directory `asdf/': File exists... you will notice that conventional methods won't be good enough to remove it. I've, also, tried removing the file manually to no [SOLVED] Cannot remove file - "Operation not permitted" $ rm -rf filename rm: cannot remove `filename': Device or resource busy The file I am trying to remove is only visible via ls -la, and begins with a "."


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